Role Descriptions

At its very core, our organization is a technology education consulting venture. Founded by professionals from the industry, we attract the best and brightest who wish to utilize their skills pro-bono. We are entrepreneurial, self-initiated and compassionate individuals who want to harness our education, vocational skills and creativity to make an impact. If this sounds like you, you will certainly fit one or more of the following roles.


Grants and Fundraising

The hustlers and rainmakers.

They are the kinds of people who can get things done by pushing not just their own hard work and dedication but also their network. They are articulate, intelligent, captivating, engaging and have something to prove about how well they can excite someone about a potential opportunity. Keen to interact with exceptional people, they are self-initiated, understand the essence of time and are willing to go above and beyond any role description to make it rain.

Someone who will excel at this role is excited about client management, entrepreneurship and/or sales.



The creators.

They have already set themselves the ambitious quest of creating something massively inspirational and are excited about applying and building their skills while capturing the ethos of our cause. They love technology, playing with websites, infographics, video and audio. They are willing to learn about all kinds of mediums and use them to convey our goals and achievements concisely and inspirationally.

Someone who will excel at this role is excited about thought leadership, social media and/or advertising.


Project Management

The go-getters.

These are people who excel at their role, get stuff done and are not willing to take no for an answer. They are curious to open up and listen to others, knowing that there is always a solution to accomplish their goals. They are great consultants, organized in their thinking and excited about collaborating with nonprofits and educators internationally and in the US. They want to work with people who are smarter than them to learn, iterate and improve as they make an impact through their projects.

Someone who will excel at this role is excited about getting their PMP certification, GANTT charts and/or continuous learning.

Curriculum Development

The crafters and educators.

They love teaching, love seeing people develop and grow. They believe that the way education is done right now is garbage and that there are a lot of ways to do it better. They are programmers (self-taught, formally taught or eager to learn), humble about what they know and expect to learn from the people they teach. While they are empathetic, they are result oriented in that the quality of students and student outcomes is important to them.

Somebody who will excel at this role is excited about edutech, Montessori  and MOOCS.


Corporate Partnerships

The dealmakers.

They are future entrepreneurs who know how to (or are eager to try to) partner with and excite potential customers about innovative products. They are curious about behavioral psychology, want to be able to read people from a single interaction and use this skill to further our cause. They are (budding) gurus at networking, understand the nature of corporate incentives and know how to get what they want, even if it sounds unreasonable.

Someone who will excel at this role is excited about entrepreneurship, enterprise sales, M&A and/or innovation.


Organizational Effectiveness

The leaders and scientists.

They are passionate about building great organizations by harnessing their creativity, analytical skills and energy. Gurus at organizing people, calendars and Google docs alike, they are obsessed with efficiency and irritable by the lack of it. They understand how people prioritize and want to take on the great challenge of coordinating among our volunteers, beneficiaries and partners all over the world in an effort to get things done.

Someone who will excel at this role is excited about i/o psychology and executive consulting.