We're organizing our first hackathon!

This event will bring our students together to collaborate on projects as well as compete on creative coding challenges.


Students participating in this event will experience their first taste of possibilities in the field of computer science. Students displaying talent and leadership will be great candidates for internships at one of our partner organizations to further hone their skills and act as ambassadors for their peers.



We are proud to partner with the sponsor of this event, Saidham, a Haryana-based (near New Delhi, see map below) organization that does amazing work to educate children, offer vocational training, provide free healthcare, and support the provision of various services to people who would otherwise not be able to afford them.


Prospective Progressive Programming students will be participating in the hackathon and using their skills and creativity to program stories, games, and animations. The students will use Scratch, a product of the MIT Media Lab, to create projects that will be evaluated on their creativity, complexity, and user-friendliness. (Click here to learn more about Scratch, or watch the video below.)


This Progressive Programming effort, like all others, could not happen without the support of our many sponsors and partners. If you or or your organization would like to sponsor future events, click below to let us know: