Podcast#2: Response to reaction on Podcast#1


What we have already agreed on?
 - How much confidence we have on each agreed upon item?
 - Review each item with confidence level (Deliverable)
 - Add examples which could reverse the conjecture we are making
 - Working with children??
 - Can we do small light-weight interventions which enables them to start growing year upon year?
 - Age could be diverse
 - More interest in the behaviour and less interest in the age group

Supply-Demand of Education and Labor Markets
 - Elastic and Inelastic Markets/ Supply-Demand Curves (To Read)

Demand Side of the training Program
 - Supporting parents with information is a positive
 - Read Mindsets by Carol Dweck (To Read)
 - Read more about growth mindset interventions in context of internet learning, vocational training or standalone programs