In its first year of operations, P2 has already made significant strides in poverty alleviation through youth computer science education.

In 2015, P2 focused on building the tools to provide a strong educational foundation for these future leaders of India. In less than 10 months, our dedicated team has:

  • Developed a Digital Literacy Curriculum (DLC) to help underprivileged youth bridge the digital divide,
  • Trained over 100 children and 5 volunteer educators in the DLC,
  • Began teaching software development skills to roughly 50 underprivileged youth,
  • Run the first ever Hackathon for slum kids in India in the outskirts of New Delhi,
  • Established formal partnerships to distribute our curriculum with internationally recognized NGO partners, including Teach For India and Udayan Care,
  • Developed advanced curriculums in computer programming and software development,
  • Designed an international mentorship program to support the personal development of youth involved in our educational programs, and
  • Established partnerships to make our programs accessible to over 80,000 children throughout India in the coming years.